Oh Hai, didn’t see you there, that reminds me of an awkward situation if you have a second. Oh, you don’t? Well let me tell you aout My high school graduation ceremony ~ I walked past the guy who was suppose to hand me my Diploma ~ I just got on stage and waved to the audience and sat down ~ I had to get BACK on stage ~ Shake the guys hand ~ get my Diploma and then sit back down AGAIN. ~ People cheered me ~ so it wasn’t too bad. Speaking of that, in a completely unrelated topic, We here at Hipsterpig now have  15,000 Funny T-shirts loaded and ready to go. I don’t know about you but that is more fingers than I can count on.  Well Enough dilly dallying, we need to sort through another 15,000 t-shirts and maybe find some Free Kittens in our spare time. 

As Always, keep on, keeping on