Arkham City Hugo Strange Obey Order T-Shirt


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Made from 100% Cotton this black t-shirt features a purposely distressed image of Hugo Strange in silhouette from the neck up set in simulated worn signage adorned with the Arkham City logo and the denoted “suggestion” that one should obey order. Well it’s really not a suggestion. Although I don’t think order is something Arkham City’s denizens seriously regard. Batman is going to change that. He’s going to enforce order in the hit video game Arkham City! How? All those who practice and perpetuate disorder will receive….. Batman’s patented Blue Turtle Fist technique. It’s not pretty; it pretty much ends the effectiveness of one’s bowel control. Ahem. Anyway yeah Hugo Strange is a baddie in Arkham City the sequel to Arkham Asylum. He’s one of those guys who blatantly ignores the signage.