Bane Distressed Mask Kids T-Shirt


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Here we a have a 100% cotton Bane Distressed Mask Kids T-Shirt! Yes the Bane is certainly an interesting character. Raised in a prison for something his father did Bane learned the ‘dog-eat-dog’ mentality that is so prevalent in prisons these days. Luckily for him he had a teddy bear to keep him company. I wonder if that teddy bear told him to get rid of the Jesuit Priest? Probably. Teddy bears don’t really like competition…just ask Teddy Ruxpin who later became a Black Lantern. Wait is that right? Sure! Anyways this great Bane Distressed Mask Kids T-Shirt is for the wee ones and highlights the intimidating “Bane” mask sans the Venom infusers. I wonder if anybody has realized that Venom is actually marketed as “Red Bulls”.