Bane Will Break You Kids T-Shirt


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The Bane Will Break You Kids T-Shirt is actually based off the immensely popular “Rocky III” movie in which Bane fights Sly Stallone in a no-holds bar wresting match and Bane ends up ‘breaking’ Stallone! Batman watched on mortified. Hey those Soviets know how to make themselves a super killing machine! No wait. That’s not right. Bane was never in Rocky III! He was in Rocky V. Regardless of which Rocky movie he was in Bane was made famous for his ‘breaking’ of Batman and this fantastic 100% cotton Bane Will Break You Kids T-Shirt proudly expresses that idea. Bane isn’t as mean as he appears to be – he actually moonlights at the “Build-a-Bear” shop in Gotham. Hey everybody needs a hobby!