Batgirl Bandeau Bikini Women’s Swimsuit


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I have to admit…I look pretty good in the Batgirl Bandeau Bikini. I should probably mentioned that I’m a skinny 29 year old dude with a goatee so just imagine what you fine ladies will be able to achieve! I really don’t have the figure for this kind of thing but that doesn’t stop me. Joking aside the Batgirl Bandeau Bikini is one sexy set of swimwear in Batman’s yellow and black color scheme WITH HIS SYMBOL! Perfect right? Made from 80% nylon / 20% spandex with 100% polyester lining the Batgirl Bandeau Bikini is one of those fancy ‘banded’ styles of bikinis that cuts across the chest and leaves the midriff exposed! Don’t worry though there is a yellow string that comes up from the center of the top to be wrapped around the neck!