Batgirl Genteel Double Ring


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Those guys down at Wayne Enterprises really broke the bank crafting this fine piece of jewelry. Sure they already pour billions of dollars into an unspecified department creating all sorts of….things…but now they make a Batgirl Genteel Double Ring? I wonder if Batman had a say in that somewhere along the lines or if Wayne Enterprises just went ahead and made the thing. Unfortunately Bruce Wayne was unable to be reached for comment so we’ll have to assume this absolutely fantastic Batgirl Genteel Double Ring somehow slipped through the cracks. Made of solid brass plated in gun metal and coated with cubic zirconias this extremely beautiful accessory stands 2.5 inches across and 1.5 inches high. Since it is a double ring when ordering your size the 2nd hole will always be one size higher! The Batgirl Genteel Double Ring – for the distinguished Batgirl fan.