Batman Gotham City Police T-Shirt


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*Knock Knock* Joker! Come out with your hands up and all of your funky little items on the ground! SPLAT! You know that has to be one of the roughest jobs in the world. Working the Gotham City police beat. Real world police have to deal with crackheads sickos and jaywalkers. Gotham Cops? Costumed freak jobs super powered evil and world shattering apocalyptic events. Count your blessings that you aren’t unlucky enough to live in Gotham City! A few cans of gas and some gunpowder and that town turns itself upside down by just a single man. Maybe when the legion of Batmen show up the Gotham City Police can take a day or two off. Right now it is mandatory 80 hours overtime a week! Show off your support with this 100% cotton shirt proudly displaying your membership in one of the most dangerous police forces in the world.