Batman Keep Calm and Call Batman T-Shirt


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Our Batman Keep Calm and Call Batman T-Shirt incorporates DC Comics’ Caped Crusader into the suddenly ubiquitous WWII-era propaganda posters from the United Kingdom. Now you can use a governmental tool of citizen placation to trumpet your appreciation of the Dark Knight! ‘Cause he can take care of anything right? Nuclear explosion imminent? Keep calm just get the World’s Greatest Detective on the case! South American madman spreading fear through your city isolating it so he can mete out his own brand of justice? Don’t worry just get Batman on the horn. Even if he’s enjoying homeopathy and satellite TV in a stinkhole of an underground prison he’ll sort it out. Just don’t get too complacent in your 100% cotton Batman Keep Calm and Call Batman T-Shirt – he likes to feel needed so at least pretend to be panicky or desperate.