Batman & Robin Running Kids T-Shirt


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Here we have an awesome 100% cotton Batman & Robin Running Kids T-Shirt featuring DC Comics Dynamic Duo Batman and Robin! This shirt is actually in honor of Batman and Robin’s first 3 legged race against the Joker / Penguin and Harley Quinn/ Poison Ivy! Needless to say the Caped Crusaders won the day. Unfortunately the Joker and the Penguin got into a really messy fight because the Penguin couldn’t even start the race and Harley and Poison Ivy drove off a cliff in a Thunderbird with the top down. The Batman & Robin Running Kids T-Shirt is made for the wee ones and I’m sure they try to figure out if they are Batman or Robin all the time. Why bother with choices when you can have both! Get the Batman & Robin Running Kids T-Shirt for your kids and instill a great sense of justice and friendship! Just keep Robin away from the Joker and/ or 1800 numbers that vote on fate.