Batman Seatbelt Keychain w/Snap-On Belt Loop


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Standing 4 inches tall and 1 inch wide the Batman Seatbelt Keychain w/Snap-On Belt Loop was designed with certain Dark Knights of Gotham in mind. Hey does the Batsuit look like it has pockets? Not really but it does fit perfectly with the Dues Ex Machina of the comic book world the Bat Utility Belt! Hey Batman can beat any character regardless of power because of that damn belt! Superman? Yep he has some Kryptonite. Catwoman? He has some catnip and yarn! Lex Luthor? Some 100 dollar bills on a string. Brainiac? A delicious slushee(brain freeze yo)! Yes the Batman can beat pretty much anybody ever. I bet you dream about that utility belt! Well you might not have one yet but you might want to invest in the Batman Seatbelt Keychain w/Snap-On Belt Loop. It features the Bat-logo two keyrings for keychains and a buttoned fastener for attachment to belts! Doesn’t get much sweeter than that.