Batman Symbol 4GB USB Drive


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Product Description

Our Batman Symbol 4GB USB Drive will hold your data on a round keychain that’s fashioned to look like a classic Bat signal! This keychain splits in the middle to reveal that’s it’s actually a flash drive – one on which you probably could have fit the entire contents of the Adam West-era Bat computer – with plenty of room for all of your riddle-deciphering programs. And you can never have enough of those. Nigma’s always switching up his game from the childish to the just plain stupid. Nowadays those programs are small enough that you’ll still be able to load plenty of pictures and music on your new Batman symbol USB drive and it’s compatible with PC (Windows 98/SE/ME/2000/XP as stated on the back but we tried out on a Windows 7 and it worked fine!) and Mac (OS 9.x or above).