Batman Symbol Women’s Caped Socks


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For when you need to do some super-stealthy detective-ing we offer these lovely Batman Symbol Caped Socks. They’re dark as night and as the Dark Knight…other than the sparkly gold Batman Symbol up top. And the smaller one on the foot. And oh yeah…the heel and toe are bright yellow. That shouldn’t pose a problem for your top-secret sleuthing though ’cause obviously you’ll have some sort of creep-able shoe on. What’s that? Why yes there is a BRIGHT YELLOW cape attached to the back of each sock! Forget the detective mission – how often will you be able to let your socks’ flag fly? Just go enjoy your Batman Symbol Caped Socks!One size fits most! Even though these socks are super heroically imbued and dripping with style they probably shouldn’t be exposed to vigorous activities like basketball parkour crime fighting super villainy mountain climbing etc. etc.In addition it is best to turn these socks inside out before washing/ drying them! Apparently high temperatures and spin cycles don’t exactly agree with the cape.