Big Bang Sheldon Costume T-Shirt


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BAZINGA! I am often compelled to yell out Sheldon’s popular catchphrase from the mega hit TV series The Big Bang Theory! Sheldon is the nerd supreme of his comrades and often ignores social mores and constructs…which makes him socially inept sometimes; that’s okay though we still love him! He’s like a teddy bear filled with cactus needles. Do you find him a kindred soul or do you just like his style? Either way the 100% cotton Big Bang Sheldon Costume T-Shirt is a perfect addition to your wardrobe! The Big Bang Sheldon Costume T-Shirt is much like our other costume t-shirts making your torso look like the character in question! Just be careful – you mind find yourself compelled to yell ‘BAZINGA’ at every available moment. BAZINGA!