Big Bang Theory Others Are Stupid T-Shirt


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To heck with 2nd hand smoking. Bullocks to the obesity epidemic…the real threat to the world is neither of these but something far more prevalent and pervasive; stupidity! Intelligence is looked at as a negative trait which is something the folks over at Big Bang Theory have issue with. Just take a look see at this 100% cotton Big Bang Theory Others Are Stupid T-Shirt! It pretty much sums up their opinion which is unfortunately true. If stupid people make Sheldon sad then what does the programming line up on MTV do to him? What about diet soda with fast food? What about texting and driving? Yes all of these actions would cause our main man Sheldon’s eyes to roll back into his skull. Let’s stop the wave of stupid people – the first shot in this war is the Big Bang Theory Others Are Stupid T-Shirt! You’ll know the battle has started when you hear the battle cry ring out….BAZINGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!