Big Bang Theory Women’s Soft Kitty Zip-Up Hoodie


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Product Description

Made from 60% Cotton and 40% Polyester this silver-ish slim-fit zip-up hoodie displays the characteristics of a certain soft kitty taken straight from the hit niche-culture comedy Big Bang Theory! Yes it’s the cat based on the soothing Soft Kitty rhyme taken from the hit TV show! How soothing? It’s a verbal laxative for crying out loud! All biological impedance is negated after speaking softly said rhyme! Now just look at this super-cute hoodie with it’s faux feline features! Kitty stripes on sleeves! Removable mittens attached to the end of each sleeve simulating kitty paws that button back when not in use! A happy kitty face adorning the chest-area! And look it’s a drawstring hood with a soft pink lining! And kitty ears! And kitty-like markings on top of the hood! AHHHH! It’s Big Bang Theory! Sure is funny-ish!