Big Barda by Jack Kirby T-Shirt


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Warrior. New God. Immortal. Protector. Now where exactly do you find that on the E-Harmony? There’s probably a lot of fakers and pretenders but there is only one Big Barda! Mister Miracle is one lucky guy. He could probably just stay home most of the time and Big Barda could take care of everything. I guess that’s why he is named that…he can be just straight up lazy! Big Barda was trained to lead the Female Fury Battalion for Darkseid but due to some rather lucky events ended up being married to Mister Miracle by the Highfather. That’s a bit of a change of scenery don’t ya think? The sad thing is there aren’t more shirts like this 100% cotton 100% Big Barda one! More people need to get on this New Gods boat I tell ya.