Booster Gold Fan Club Ringer T-Shirt


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Made from 100% Cotton this white t-shirt features the smiling cranium of happy-go-lucky time hopping huckster…er…hero Booster Gold; he’s surrounded by stars and advertising the existence of his very own fan club! You know the club you’re a member of! The one that supports personal gain though acts of disingenuous virtue! Yeah that one! Oh wait…you mean…he’s not like that anymore? Really? He….really does care? Really? Sorry but I don’t see it. Just the other day he pulled a cat out of a tree and gave the cat 15 dollars for projecting such believable helplessness….Yep. Booster Gold: he’s really not here for your benefit. Or…is he? Oh and check out the light blue ringers encircling the sleeve-ends and collar! Cool!