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Made from 100% Cotton this royal blue t-shirt features the symbol of the greatest Superhero time forgot Booster freakin’ Gold baby! Yeah Booster was in it for the money; the fame; the slightly less than proper lady-folk. But now…now Booster Gold has a new thing goin’ ON m’man! From losing his best friend Blue Beetle to helping save the multiverse in DC’s epic weekly series 52 Booster Gold has been put through the wringer…and y’know what? He did something no other hero thought him capable of: He evolved! He matured! He started to actually…care! Now along with Rip Hunter and his once-murdered sister (it’s time travel so just accept it) Booster Gold sets out to correct the damage done to the time stream fixing cancerous continuities and repairing ravaged ret-cons!! This Booster Gold t-shirt is for you present time New Earth Booster Gold Fan and for you Booster Gold Fan of the year 25884!