Captain America American Hero Kids Jacket


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With a body made from 100% Cotton a lining made from 100% Polyester and a trim made from 100% Acrylic this kids Captain America jacket features a giant raised and embroidered appropriately colored Captain America logo front and center! Behind Cap’s logo we have red printed stars covering the left (that’s the wearer’s left) and an image of Cap in a sort of negative exposure coloration ragin’ on the right! Oh and each sleeve continues the printed star pattern! Turn this puppy around and…it’s a HUGE raised and embroidered image of Captain America settled in the foreground from the chest up and another negative-exposure Cap floating in the free space above! This super-high-quality Captain America jacket for toddler and youth-sized kids is….it’s for real. It’s an exemplary unique item that…..that you should buy if your really love your kids. And Captain America.