Captain America Costume Zip-Up Hoodie


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Our Captain America Costume Zip-Up Hoodie replicates the costume of Marvel’s Super Soldier Captain America in the form of a soft blue hoodie! Now you can assume the role of the most patriotic superhero EVER on your next trip to 7-11. Don’t even act like he’s never gotten a Slurpee! Just because he was frozen for years doesn’t mean he wouldn’t enjoy some frosty refreshment. He might not get that big ol’ tankard of slush that you’re considering even though his Super Soldier-y physique is marginally better equipped to handle all that high fructose corn syrup.But back to this 55% cotton/45% polyester Captain America Costume Zip-Up Hoodie which in addition to the iconic star and stripes on the front even goes so far as to replicate Cap’s mask with its nifty eyehole-having hood! What on earth could be keeping it out of your cart? Some conspiracy on the part of the Red Skull??