Captain America Tie Dye Costume T-Shirt


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Made from 100% Cotton this navy blue t-shirt features a simulated reproduction of Captain America’s costumed torso…..except for Old Glory’s unnaturally psychedelic stripes. Yeah looks like there’s a little tie-dye action going on here. Like maybe Captain America signed off on this one after…..holding his breath for 20 minutes. Yeah see Captain America is pretty much immune to narcotics or anything under the psychotropic family of…uh….pharmaceuticals. Yeah. SO……he holds his breath for as long as he can to mimic the..uh…effects.Yeah. After he approved the t-shirt we asked him his thoughts on opening a Captain America commune somewhere in New Mexico. His response included the word “groovy” a heck of a lot. Anyway cool take on Cap’s costumed torso featuring white stitched trim surrounding the collar and sleeves. NEATO!