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American Apparel T-Shirt. At the end of Chuck’s fourth season, Chuck Bartowski and his team are are succinctly dismissed from active duty by CIA Agent Clyde Decker, despite twisting the facts. However, the team do have a fallback plan, Chuck and his beautiful new bride, Sarah Walker come into some money (as in a lot), thanks to the former Alexi Volkoff, and succinctly buy the Buy More and everything underneath it, including the base known as Castle. With a jet, new tactical gear, and four willing agents, they choose to . Design & digital. By cbunye. chuck, bartowski, sarah, walker, john, casey, morgan, grimes, intersect, cia, nsa, buy more, charles, carmichael, industries, freelance, spies, hire, spy, general, beckman, comedy, team, captain, awesome, flash, zoom, logo