Cat Bus and Totoro are in Your Town T-Shirts & Hoodies


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American Apparel T-Shirt. Your neighbor totoro is in town with his cat bus. A unique and colorful tribute I made to Hayao Miyazaki’s masterpiece animation film Tonari No Totoro. I call my digital paintings TraDigital Art. My goal in my digital art is to mimic traditional media as closely as possible, including brush stroke, texture, color usage, and blending. I also want to show the portraits of fictional animation characters as more volumetric and realistic. I tend to use strong lighting and shadows to enhance depth a. Painting & digital. By barrettbiggers. totoro, miyazaki, disney, cat, creature, childrens, night, cartoon, animation, character, anime, japanese, japan, fan art, rebuild of evangelion, film, photoshop, contrast, intense, desaturated, charcoal, pastel, shadow, emotional, portrait, deep, barrett biggers, geek, geek art, otaku, comics, manga