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American Apparel T-Shirt. Twentieth Century’s rock stars meet Nineteenth Century’s best known classical composers on “Classical Rocks!” Underneath these busts are famous names like Lennon, McCartney, Jagger, Richards, Wilson, Bowie, Reed, Barrett, Garcia, Young, Waits, Byrne, Strummer, and Lydon, along with cult favorites Eno, Fripp, Bolan, Wyatt and more. Click to enlarge the image to read all of the composers’ names.. Design. By jivetime. rock, classical, classic rock, records, line art, beethoven, bach, mozart, rolling stones, beatles, zappa, captain beefheart, pink floyd, the clash, led zeppelin, music, vinyl, iggy pop, david bowie, joni mitchell, tom waits, lou reed, soft machine, robert wyatt, can, krautrock, sex pistols, the who, the kinks, talking heads, elvis costello, neil young, todd rundgren, king crimson, grateful dead, jerry garcia, beach boys, hendrix, brian eno