DC Crisis Variant Sublimated T-Shirt


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The 100% polyester DC Crisis Variant Sublimated T-Shirt should evoke rather fond memories for you. A time when DC Comics had like a billion different contradictory plot-lines and characters from different dimensions that are slightly different but not quite. ‘Hey this guy spells his name with a lower case ‘l’! Weird!’ sorta thing ya know? The DC Crisis Variant Sublimated T-Shirt is printed right up to the edge and completely around and has the likes of (a) Superman Firestorm GeoForce Obsidian Ultraman(the evil Superman) and many others from the collapsing universes. Superboy Ret-Con punch gooooooooooooooooo! Each t-shirt is printed with a belt technique which causes minor imperfections but make each one wholly unique!