Deadman T-Shirt by Neal Adams


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Boston Brand is a strange hero caught in a world that is unfamiliar to him; that of the living. When you spend a vast chunk of years as a ghost there are certain things you get used to. Not eating not being seen not having to work a day job not having to go to the bathroom; those are all really kind of fun things but when you get thrown back into life they may be slightly….jarring? Deadman had the ability to possess people while a ghost but now he is alive and kicking some serious butt with a White Lantern Ring. The ONLY White Lantern Ring still kicking after the Blackest Night. Funny the embodiment of life chose somebody who was already dead. Guess the ring figured it needed somebody who knew the value. This 100% cotton t-shirt comes with a very disturbed looking Deadman hovering over his own body. That kind of explains the ‘disturbed’ part.