Deadpool Pirate Grey 30 Single T-Shirt


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Made of 100% cotton with a 30 Single thread count to ensure that it’s as soft as Wade’s own squishy heart we give to you the Deadpool Pirate Grey 30 Single T-Shirt! “All right that’s where I draw the line” you say? STOP DRAWING RIGHT THERE we retort. Because he was too a pirate! Back in Marvel THEN…and you could even play Pirate Deadpool in Marvel Heroes…if you wanted. And why wouldn’t you? It’s not like he wasn’t all swashbuckly already and it sure as heck isn’t like the leap from Merc to Pirate isn’t completely logical. The Deadpool Pirate Grey 30 Single T-Shirt makes just as much sense as everything else in your wardrobe and you can take it up with Mr. Wilson if you think any differently!