Deadpool Talk Till You Surrender Magnet


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At 3.5 inches tall and 2.5 inches wide this Deadpool Talk Till You Surrender Magnet pretty much says it all. Yes Deadpool is nigh invulnerable. Yes Deadpool is highly trained in all forms of combat. Yes Deadpool does a lot of volunteer work at the local soup kitchen. Wait…is that last part correct? Probably not. However Deadpool’s greatest strength is his ability to keep talking. Indeed he could probably float an airship with the amount of hot air that comes out of that character. To hell with being a super powered death dealing machine…he should just be given a talk show! He’ll do a lot more damage that way. Maybe the Deadpool Talk Till You Surrender Magnet will even keep people from robbing your ‘fridge of that left over pizza? Hey one can only hope!