Doctor Who Blue Dalek Talking Clip-On Plush


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You know one thing about Daleks for certain…they don’t really care for non-Dalek lifeforms! You know how can you survive any Dalek-based purges of the Universe? By getting the polyester 4.5 inch tall Doctor Who Blue Dalek Talking Clip-On Plush of course! This cute little guy rails off such crowd favorites like ‘EXTERMINATE EXTERMINATE’ and making the statement that you would make a fine Dalek. I’m not sure about that Dalek statement but you will certainly show off your love of Doctor Who’s central antagonists with the Doctor Who Blue Dalek Talking Clip-On Plush! The clip-on component makes sure that the Daleks won’t have trouble getting up stairs by clipping onto your backpack purse belt loop or whatever else you can think of!”Batteries are included but unfortunately irreplaceable”