Dr. Who Women’s Tardis Outline T-Shirt


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Made from 100% cotton this slim-fit women’s t-shirt features an image of Dr Who’s preferred method of cross dimensional travel the Tardis rendered in white outline. The Tardis takes the form of a nearly antiquated telephone booth for yknow obvious reasons. If you happen to set down in a spaceship scraping the Bar’bull nebula for example. The guise of a telephone booth will keep the Doctor’s means of escape hidden in plain sight since..since it seems that everyone traveling to the Bar’bull nebula has one of these. Yep It’s happened. Believe you me. Any female fans of the good Doctor Who out there? Yeah? Let me hear you. Aww that was pretty weak. I said LET ME HEAR YOU! WOW! That was pretty loud. Now that I know you’re out there allow me to inquire as to why you’re not in the process of…..ADDING TO CART!!?