Family Guy Superhero Fight T-Shirt


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Over the top violence in Family Guy? Nah never happens! That show is just one giant care-bear hug fest. Peter and the Chicken have gone on some lovely picnics during lazy autumn afternoons Meg has to keep the phone off the hook from all the guys calling Stewie and Lois have a healthy relationship and Brian never drinks. Wait it’s not opposite day! FAMILY GUY LOVES ABSTRACT VIOLENCE! What better then this t-shirt featuring Family Guy characters in DC regalia engaged in an epic battle? Just an all out throw down! Who will exit this fight as King of the Hill? Sure as hell ain’t Meg she doesn’t even get a costume or DC persona! She’s just freakin Meg. Poor thing. My money is on Lois she never has and never will take crap from anybody. This t-shirt is 100% cotton and resistant to the Super Devil with his jar of marmalade.