Flash Charging Sublimated T-Shirt


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Here we have the ultra-soft 100% polyester Flash Charging Sublimated T-Shirt which I think illustrates DC Comics’ Fastest Man Alive explaining M-Theory which has to do with sub-sub-atomic materials alternate universes and 10 or 11 dimensions that exist in reality! You don’t catch any of that? I’m sure it is hidden in that orange tie-dye somewhere…or at least that’s what the pink platypus wearing flipflops and one of those jester hats told me. The Flash Charging Sublimated T-Shirt has multiple images of the Scarlet Speedster and his symbol printed right up to the edge and all around! It’ll be like the Flash is giving you a hug…all of the time. Each t-shirt is printed with a belt technique which causes minor imperfections but make each one wholly unique!