Flash Distressed Washed Symbol T-Shirt


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The Speed Force creates a lot of wear and tear. Something about the laws of physics…which I would attempt to explain except I’m a liberal arts major and I would require some crayons to do so. Anyways when we started designing this great 100% cotton Flash Distressed Washed Symbol T-Shirt we started with a freshly painted 2 inch radius Flash symbol on a red shirt. We then gave it to Barry Allen which gave it an old ‘spin around the block’ and this is what we got! Well I think we’ll be able to sell this…people love the Flash! I bet you love the Flash too and would love this highly distressed t-shirt! It is so…vintage and well loved! Embrace the Speed Force. Embrace the Flash Distressed Washed Symbol T-Shirt. vrrrrrrOOOOOMMMM!