Flash Lightning Symbol Sublimated T-Shirt


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Greased lightning go greased lightning! Okay I’m sorry. That was the first thing that popped into my head when I saw the absolutely fantastic chic 100% polyester Flash Lightning Symbol Sublimated T-Shirt! Actually I lie…I usually replace the word ‘grease’ with ‘chain’ in that song and I’m making a reference to pen and paper games. Okay reeling that tangent back in we have the all-over print Flash Lightning Symbol Sublimated T-Shirt which has the Flash’s iconic symbol in the front of the chest while bolts of arcing lightning cover the entirety of the shirt – right up the edge and all over the back! It may not be the bolt of lightning that transformed Barry Allan but it is close! Each t-shirt is printed with a belt technique which causes minor imperfections but make each one wholly unique!