Flash Rough Distressed Kids T-Shirt


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Product Description

Made from 100% Cotton this red kids’ t-shirt is available in toddler juvenile and youth sizes featuring a very purposely distressed image of the Flash skidding to a stop light years in front of an echo-burst resulting from an earlier acceleration explosion! Oh and he managed to stop right before the placement of a significantly weathered Flash logo! WHEW! Anyway the logo looks really worn here like….like it raced Flash from some starting point located 573000000000 years in the past where atmospheric conditions resulted in a constant down pouring of acid rain and…..and tied Flash for first place right after Flash and “it” looped “after-present phasings” of themselves 463000000 times while circling the proto-moon belt of Galadrenorica. Uh…yep. Anyway……this one is for the wee Flash fan.