Flash Wally West Standing 72″ Cardboard Cutout


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Here’s a 72″ tall life-sized cardboard stand-up of the one of the better known Flashes: Wally West baby! YEAH! Rest easy Flash-fans; we’ve heard you ask for good ol’ Wally! That’s right it’s Wally; bearer of the Flash mantle and power-set who actually managed to figure out the “science” behind his powers and used them to…create delicious cupcakes and master the mysteries of the Speed Force! Wait did he make cupcakes? I’m sure that happened at some point off panel; who wouldn’t use the Speed Force for baking? The Flash Wally West Standing 72″ Cardboard Cutout is actually a vibrational echo created from the dimensional skipping Wally and only appears to be a cardboard cutout. Would be my guess anyways!