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A Pint! Stunt biker Johnny Blaze did his tricks in a traveling circus. He sold his soul to an super-dooper-arch demon whom Blazed believed to be Satan but actually was in reality the demon Mephisto. This was done after Marvel got a letter from the Pope stating that the devil was evil and that they were going to cancel their Dazzler and Madame Xanadu subscription until they made the change. Marvel rewrote Blaze’s story faster than you can say “I never met Monica Lewinsky in my life.” Johnny Blaze made a deal to save the life of his stepfather “Crash” Simpson who got his name from crashing his white Bronco into the side of a house in LA trying to outrun the cops after he ruthlessly and cold bloodedly killed his beautiful bombshell wife and her male metro-sexual supermodel “friend” with a knife. Blaze ended up being bound to the demon Zarathos and transformed into a leather-clad chain weilding boot wearing skeleton (borrowed from the Village people) his head cloaked in a veritable sheath of hellfire flame! Blaze mistook Noble Kale (the first Ghost Rider) for Zarathos during the Ghost Rider series (1990-1998) and after attempting to destroy him (after 8 freaking years) the poor demon Zarathos eventually became an ally. Johnny like his long-lost brother Danny Ketch (unlike his step sister Heidi Jones de Ju-Ju) is a direct descendant of Kale (but not of Able). Got it? Johnny’s true last name is Blaze and his first name begins with the letter “J” which he inherited from his father Barton Blaze. Barton coincidentally also wore leather carried a whip but actually wore women’s underwear that he would later set on fire but he along with his other brother also named Barton were chased out of town where they took up residence in San Francisco! Kale intended Johnny Blaze to become his next host but because of a deal their mother Naomi had with Mephisto oh god never mind it’s way too confusing. Just buy the friggen Ghost Rider pint glass before they stop friggen selling them.