Green Lantern Alan Scott Tin Sign


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Measuring 7.5″ across and 11″ high this tin poster-sign features the image taken straight from the cover of Green Lantern #1! This was back when Green Lantern found like…..a train lamp imbued with the power of the…Green Flame? Or is that…the Starheart!?? Anyway Green Lantern had to be wary of….pop-sickle sticks toothpicks and log cabins since his only weakness was (and no I’m not kidding here)…wood. And unfortunately a heck of a lot more things were made of wood in 1941 so…..It was never an easy time for the first Green Lantern Alan Scott. Thankfully the attacker on the cover of issue #1 wields a metal sword. Although…his wooden shoes proved difficult to effectively defend against. Anyway cool tin sign with a metal hook on the back for…hangin’!