Green Lantern Collector Gift Box


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Holy Crap! Just…just…HOLY CRAP! Here’s a metal/ plastic highly collectible Green Lantern gift box filled with collectible usable Green Lantern swag! The gift box measures 7.75″ long 2.5″ wide and nearly 6″ high with a clear plastic window-front displaying the included Green Lantern Belt Buckle adjustable one-size-fits-most ring and Green Lantern Keychain! YEAH BABY! Uh…back to the box. The box…is framed in metal and reinforced with metal-covered corners. This baby opens on metal hinges but only AFTER you lift the locking latch! That’s right you have the option to lock this baby up with the included key! You’re welcome! The front is also adorned with an image of Green Lantern Hal Jordan standing alongside the highly recognizable Green Lantern logo! The back is adorned with another larger image of GL flying…..somewhere better than here! And check out the sturdy carrying strap! I think I’m…I think I’m tearing up here (sniff sniff).The white circular metallic Green Lantern buckle features the Green Lantern symbol measuring 3″ across in diameter. The metallic Green Lantern keychain charm attached to the keyring and adorned with the GL logo measures 1.25″ across and 1.25″ high. And the circular face of the metallic Green Lantern ring measures 1″ across in diameter. Once these items are gone they are GONE! No BS here my friends. No green hard-light reconstruction directed by willpower to make them reappear. Now is the time…to act!