Green Lantern Kids Comic Cover 30 Single T-Shirt


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Hey lookie at this 100% cotton Green Lantern Kids Comic Cover T-Shirt! It features Green Lantern numero uno (well two if you really want to split hairs) on varying comic covers! Oddly enough this t-shirt is printed in a complete smattering of green shades. I wonder where they got that idea from…you know….a Green Lantern shirt….in….Green? I’m having some trouble working this one through my head folks. Does not compute! Does not compute! At least since this is a kids shirt I won’t be tempted to buy it…or maybe I should…NO….must…resist! Do you or your ‘Guardian ‘(I believe they are called children) enjoy Green Lantern? Want to show off that pride? Green Lantern Kids Comic Cover T-Shirt…’nuff said! This shirt comes from immensely popular producer Kids Republic which I think is an Empire of Kids….kinda like Star Wars maybe? It also means that this t-shirt is amazingly soft(from the 30 single goodness) and of exceptional quality.