Green Lantern Movie Release Date T-Shirt


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Made from 100% Cotton this light green T-Shirt features large white lettering denoting the year skeptics finally witnessed for themselves the actions of actual Green Lanterns on the silver freakin’ screen! That’s right in Earth Year 2011 the Green Lantern live action movie hit theaters….and you were there! It was like….first contact with a myriad of alien species…kind of. Okay not really…but you were there! In the year 2011 you bought your ticket! You chose your seat! You watched the live action Green Lantern film and chewed pop corn loudly with your mouth OPEN! Oh and check out the back of the T-Shirt! There’s some crazy alien lettering going on here that either translates to “Release Date 2011″ or “Humans smell like Farcelmoogs.” Something like that.