Green Lantern Red Rage Symbol T-Shirt


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Taken straight from the pages of the DC Comics Green Lantern we have the Green Lantern Red Rage Symbol T-Shirt! First seen in the “Rage of the Red Lanterns” story arc the Red Lanterns like the Green Lanterns draw from a limitless collected pool of sub-dimensional energy created from the of a particular emotional state..or something. The Green Lanterns draw from the collected power of Universal Will a guiding protective force while the Red Lanterns draw from the pool fueled by our very hatred RAGE! BADDIES! Made from 100% Cotton the Green Lantern Red Rage Symbol T-Shirt is a black T-Shirt featuring the Red Lantern Symbol and the word that characterizes the very essence the symbol represents and defines as a malleable power: RAGE! GRRRR! ANGRY AT YOU!