Green Lantern Striped Boxer Briefs


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When one is inducted into the Green Lantern Corps that is to be chosen by a ring one immediately gains a Green Lantern outfit…a costume deserving of DC Comics’ intergalactic peace keepers! However that costume is complete…all the way down to the underwear! Hey a Green Lantern never knows when they may have to go to the doctors or a hospital! Made from 95% cotton and 5% spandex(which is some bizarre hard light construct) the Green Lantern Striped Boxer Briefs featuring alternating bands of black and green with the quintessential Green Lantern symbol on the left leg! If that isn’t good enough there is grey trim on the legs and waist with the waist bearing the Lantern logo and symbol! That’s what we like to call a complete package folks. Underwear Returns Disclaimer