Green Lantern Symbol iPhone 5 Snap Case


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Could you possibly trumpet your love for the protector of Space Sector 2814 any louder than with this Green Lantern Symbol iPhone 5 Snap Case? Possibly but it might involve a mountaintop and an actual trumpet. Come to think of it there might be an app for that on your fancy-schmancy smartphone anyway! The iconic green-and-white Green Lantern symbol comes to us on a polycarbonate “Thinshield” case courtesy of quality phone cover manufacturer Coveroo. They’ve used their patented high color bonding technique which blends heat adhesive and the highest-quality inks available to ensure that the Green Lantern symbol won’t fade peel or flake. The one-piece Green Lantern Symbol iPhone 5 Snap Case snaps on to your iPhone 5 easily and allows direct access to all the phone’s features and controls while offering perfect fit and protection!