Hero Red GO GO Boots 3 Inch Heel


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You know what makes Supergirl or Wonder Woman look so freaking good? It isn’t that wonderful smile or form fitting outfit or even their indomitable and fierce spirit(though those help). It is their choice of footwear! Jeez. Everybody knows that. Just take a look see at these special patent leather Hero Red GO GO Boots with a 3 Inch Heel! Man I feel like a pretty little flower just looking at those things and I’m a guy. Did I just write that into a description? Oh sweet mercy. Anyways these Hero Red GO GO Boots 3 Inch Heel are great for completing a costume or looking wholly unique walking about town. These bad boys can be cleaned with a damp cloth and minor scuffs can be fixed with any of the available patent leather chemicals…that’s important because you’ll probably be getting a ton of use out of the Hero Red GO GO Boots 3 Inch Heel! Everybody looks good in red. Period.