Hulk Knows How Strong He Is! 30 Single T-Shirt


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Our Hulk Knows How Strong He Is! 30 Single T-Shirt features a classic image of Marvel Comics’ Green Goliath as drawn by superstar artist Herb Trimpe in issue #114 of Incredible Hulk! In this issue written by none other than Stan Lee himself two of Marvel’s mainstay villains the Mandarin and Sandman team up against His Incredibleness. So Spiderman and Ironman must’ve been busy rescuing cats from trees or pulling little kids out of wells. Rather than take a day off the hapless scoundrels must have been itching to catch a beatin’ from someone and the Incredible Hulk was all too happy to oblige as he probably had just finished up baking all the muffins the Avengers could handle. And since everyone already knows what a good baker he is celebrate how strong he is and that he knows it too on our soft 30 Single thread count Hulk Knows How Strong He Is T-Shirt!