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American Apparel T-Shirt. ingredients: the chemical composition of the average human body (if you are a regular drinker) text reads: INGREDIENTS: Oxygen (65.0%), Carbon (18.5%), Hydrogen (9.5%), Nitrogen (3.2%) Calcium (1.5%), Phosphorus (1.0%), Potassium (0.4%), Sulfur (0.3%), Sodium (0.2%) Chlorine (0.2%), Magnesium (0.1%), Iodine (0.1%), Iron (0.1%). Contains traces of: Chromium, Cobalt, Copper, Fluorine, Manganese, Molybdenum Selenium,Tin, Vanadium, Zinc. WARNING: High levels of Ethanol may also be present.. Design & digital. By animo. alcohol, animo, body, drinker, human, ingredients, minimalism, composition, minimalist, chemistry, chemical, geek, funny, cool, sarcastic, science, unisex, geeks, nerds, scientist, scientists, typograph, graphic designers, chemist, chemists, typographer, typographers