Iron Man Mosaic Alarm Clock


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Tony Stark can have some pretty rough mornings. All of that boozing womanizing and crime fighting can take its toll on somebody. Well mostly the boozing and women. Tony Stark does the crime fighting to make those first two things easier to attain. Hey chicks love a guy in uniform…specially if it is made of metal with repulsor technology! Boo-Yah! Anyways this great 4 inch diameter Iron Man Mosaic Alarm Clock is one of those fancy old school dual-bell alarm clocks(strictly for show…this is the digital age people!) absolutely coated in vintage images of Iron Man! Surprisingly there aren’t any pictures of Tony crawling out of a bottle? Joking aside this Iron Man Mosaic Alarm Clock is perfect for any fan of Iron Man/ Tony Stark and late nights! Requires one AA Battery…much cheaper than an arc reactor let me tell you that! In case you missed it in the description the bells are just for show!