JLA 52 Relaunch Stance T-Shirt


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That’s right they went ahead and did it. DC Comics went ahead and…changed everything.The DC Universe of old is no more. Welcome to 52 new windows through which to view a noticeably altered partially rebooted DCU! 52 new DC comic book titles! Updated versions of your favorite heroes! Decades of continuity ignored possibly forgotten surgically spliced uncovered or divined!And here they are on a black 100% cotton t-shirt; the major players granted strength through renewal AND their beloved pre-histories! They are from left to right: Aquaman Green Lantern Hal Jordan Wonder Woman Superman the Batman Flash and Cyborg. They are the vanguard through which paradigms shift. They are the Justice League. Whatever their iteration whichever histories are chosen to define or sustain them it is upon their backs that great change is made manifest.