JLA Many Heroes Green 30s Juvy Long Sleeve T-Shirt


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The Justice League really knows how to throw a party. They all have such unique abilities that add to a full-on somebody-is-wearing-a-lamp-shade-as-a-hat shindig. Of course they can never condone such reckless behavior but this line of thought usually turns into one of those ‘zen questions’ like the chicken or the egg or if a tree falls in the wood kind of scenarios. What do Superheroes do on their time off when the artist’s ink doesn’t travel with them? Oh well perhaps this is a subject for another time and place. Anyways this great Kids Republic 50% cotton / 50% polyester long sleeve t-shirt is a 30 single meaning that it is far softer than your non-superhero t-shirts. This shirt could apply to be in the Justice League with an inhuman softness and composite thermal sleeves this bad boy denotes honorary membership within the League. Not sure if it’ll get you to the orbiting base but it is a start.